Regate Effective software is offered with the following alternative methods:

  • Cloud: aimed at businesses prefer SaaS solutions and prefer to convert CAPEX (Regate Effective software licenses, project implementation services, Regate Effective Server) to OPEX. Regate Effective SaaS is named Regate Effective On Demand and is billed on a monthly basis, depending on the number of users and the version (Base I, Base II, Professional, Premium) chosen by the End Customer.
  • On Premise Mobile Users: Refers to on premise or cloud installations. It involves a server license for the server installation and client licenses for each mobile user. The software is sold to the End Customer including the turn-key solution, and a yearly contract for New Releases and Telephone Support.

Please note that all the models apart from SaaS involve the installation of software in the Customer’s premises, or alternatively at a cloud server that may be provided by the Customer.