Asset Tracking

The Asset Tracking solution of Regate is addressed to companies that maintain assets outside the physical offices, such as refrigerators in kiosks (eg, soft drinks, ice creams, etc.), equipment to restaurants, production machines (printers, labelers, etc), vending machines and others.

Regate Effective Asset Tracking is part of the Regate Field Service Module. By using the Regate Effective Field Service module, the following capabilities are available to all users:

  • Task Management:
    • Ability to organize tasks and jobs per project.
    • Ability to support SOS (Service on Site), SIH (Service in House) or other types of tasks depending on your needs.
    • Ability to setup tasks per technician, including guidelines for perform the work on the field.
    • Ability to organize the team either through the administration panel, or through an ERP/CRM system.
  • Parts Handling:
    • Ability to record the stock of the van, in communication with Van Sales subsystems.
    • Demonstrate parts that have been used in the past (history of parts per asset, or per job for a specific client site).
    • Photos of materials and database information.
  • Task Printing:
    • Printing of task receipt with signature.
    • Ability to define the field for printing, and position them on the paper, using simple XML language.
    • Ability to avoid printing hidden fields (such as comments to administration).
  • Asset Management:
    • Assign an asset to one or more sites.
    • Monitor and record the condition of an asset, including data such as GPS, photo, merchandising and others, when used with the appropriate modules of Regate Effective.
    • Search and connect an asset using barcode scanning on serial number, and support for multiple information per asset, such as supplier, manufacturer, year of installation, type of asset, etc.


The Regate Effective Asset Tracking allows the agile and versatile monitoring of assets in the market. It helps location of assets, and embeds merchandising scenarios in order to perform daily routines by sales teams. In general the system allows:

  • GPS Location of Assets
  • Barcode Scanning and Serial Number verification
  • Connection of assets to the customer, or point of sale
  • Disconnection and multiple connections of assets to positions
  • Declaration of faults – fault management
  • Field Service Management for Service-on-site and Maintenance Tasks
  • Merchandising Scenarios on Assets


It should be noted that all Regate Effective modules can be interconnected to the Asset Tracking solution.