Our Offering

Target audience

This document is intended for resellers and partners of SAP, Motorola, Zebra and other software and hardware providers who are providing or need to provide Sales Force Automation and Field Service systems to end customers in their respective markets, under their own logo and brand.

The challenges

Nowadays, partners are faced with two challenges:

  • Retail devices (e.g. smartphones, tablets) are actively competing the enterprise handheld device sales. In many cases network operators (e.g. Vodafone, Orange, MTN, etc.) provide them free of charge at contract renewal, hence biasing the decision of the end customer. Partners need to find a way to support the sales of the devices.
  • The operating systems and environment of devices are moving forward in a quick pace, from Windows Mobile to Android, from Android to HTML5 and so forth. Partners need to keep up in order to support their sales and provide turn-key solutions to their clients, without having to redevelop the software every few years.

Our offering

Regate provides an offering to tackle both above-mentioned challenges at once, through the Regate Effective Sales Force Automation Suite.

Regate provides the Regate Effective Sales Force Automation Suite either branded or white label to interested partners. As a result, each partner may have a complete SFA and Field Service solution tailor-made and localised to the specific partner market. The private label option provides each partner the ability to present a unique product in his market.

Regate will be providing all support to new operating systems, compatibility with ruggedized handheld products and services as well as support the continuous product development. In general, Regate provides to partners:

  • Discounts on software and related services
  • Extra discounts depending on sales volume
  • Sales and technical training
  • Extra training for development, installation and training services
  • 24/7 Product technical and sales support
  • Marketing support and marketing funds
  • Private label option
  • Demo licenses
  • Listing on the Regate-Effective.com site

In a nutshell, Regate can be the appropriate partner to provide the software and support so that Enterprise Mobility partners are more involved in sales and delivery of projects, without having to worry about forthcoming changes in the operating systems and mobility markets. Continuous support for ruggedized handheld products implies that hardware sales will be improved through the Regate Effecive suite.