Regate Effective provides a set of tools both for the mobile teams as well as the management teams. Mobile teams (salesforce, merchandizers, field technicians, van drivers, etc) can work either with an Android or Windows Mobile smartphone or tablet. Management teams can have live access to the data collected by the mobile teams, either online via a web interface or offline on a local client to their mobile device. As a result, management can use Regate Effective in any device, including iPads and other proprietary operating systems.



Fast Moving Consumer Goods Regate Effective is suitable for all Fast Moving Consumer Goods businesses. Regate Effective can support all the appropriate information in order to help your salesmen and merchandisers perform their daily jobs, such as: Scheduled Meetings Customer Route Management Product Assortment Merchandising Functions such as: Out of Stock Facing Pricing Stock Control … Continue reading


 Regate Effective has been enormously deployed on pharmaceutical companies, for their OTC and medicine department. Regate Effective SFA has two main functions in regards to this industry: Pharmacies: Regate Effective can help the sales force visiting pharmacies, to perform their stock control procedures, examine the sell-in and sell-out of products, and help the sales … Continue reading


Our Regate Effective On-Demand product, an integrated Sales Force Automation & Merchandising solution available on the cloud, is especially designed to increase wireless data revenues for network operators. Regate Effective On-Demand has worked successfully with Wind Greece and can be easily adapted to the needs of your local market. Regate Effective On-Demand functionality includes: Ability to place and track orders Access to … Continue reading


Most retail procedures are usually related to merchandizing activities. Regate Effective has been applied in many different scenarios by a number of multinational companies in the past including Johnson & Johnson, Nestle, Vodafone, Procter & Gamble, either directly or through below-the-line marketing agencies. In general, Regate Effective can be used by teams of promoters or … Continue reading