Mobile Sell Out


You can record, monitor and report on all your sell-out action on the field, directly by Regate Effective’s mobile software application. Promoters, beauticians, sales reps or sales consultants can be equipped with a smartphone or tablet, and through it have the ability to record their sales to consumers and also control their monthly targets and record other actions. The Regate Effective Sell-out module provides all the visibility a modern manager needs in order to obtain vital decisions based on real sell-out sales.


A typical implementation of Regate Effective Sell out provides the following capabilities:

  • Sell-out per item or per category with navigation in different brands or other categorization
  • Supports key tracking capabilities such as GPS positioning, schedules, ordering for shelf preparation, deficiency recording, and so on.
  • Analytical sales manager reporting at the backoffice level
  • Analytical sales reporting per mobile worker at the backoffice level
  • Upload of items and customers directly from ERP or from Excel/CSV files in the standalone version.

An integrated sellout approach combined with the Regate Effective mobile platform includes one or more of the following features:

  • Barcode Scanning with an external barcode or using a device with built-in barcode.
  • Sell-out with the ability to measure different consumers: Essentially, the mobile worker before each sale declares the data for the particular consumer. In this way, sales are grouped into consumers and it is easy to extract information about what consumers are buying in bulk, or which is the best-selling product and the rest that accompany it in a typical sale.
  • Consumer-Quoted Sell-Out: The application can be further expanded, and each new consumer can provide more specific data, as for example:
    • Gender
    • Age Group
    • Other brands (competitors) that the consumer is typically buying
  • Free Comments
  • Consumer Information Recording: Regate Effective can record consumer details that are accompanied by an electronic signature (on the tablet) of the mobile worker, to create a consumer base for future marketing actions.
  • Targeting capabilities for mobile workers: The system can support goals (targets) per brand and per sellout agent for a specific time period (e.g., month) and report on the achievement of each goal on the tablet and on the backoffice.