Proof Of Delivery


The term Proof of Delivery first appeared in the transport industry when companies needed to have a “delivery and receipt proof” of their packages and at the same time inform their headquarters in order to know how soon deliveries are delivered and the accurate delivery details.

Proof-of-Delivery (PoD) refers to a set of conditions required to enable the successful delivery of a shipment (eg object, package, order) and establish the fact that the recipient received the shipment sent by the sender.


Using Regate Effective and its Proof-of-Delivery features, you can:

  • Define the predesigned route per driver or delivery van
  • Control the time and place of delivery with GPS technology
  • Receive the electronic signature of your receiving customer
  • Guide your driver to download the right goods (shipment, products) from the van, using barcodes and sound guidance
  • Receive refunds and issue credit returns
  • Receive cash, bills or credit cards, and print a valid receipt
  • Update your driver or delivery van for changes to the daily route

Any company that has a fleet of vehicles already delivering invoiced orders and / or receiving refunds can benefit from a modern Proof-of-Delivery solution.

Proof-of-Delivery Modules

In general, a PoD solution can incorporate several pieces from Regate Effective and in particular the following individual Modules:

  • Planning: Organization-Contact Plan, Schedules
  • Field Marketing: Photography
  • Field Service: Task Management, Action Tasks List
  • Supervision: GPS Map Application, Daily Reporting