The Solution

Regate Effective Field Mobility Suite

Regate Effective is complete system that helps everyday business tasks of mobile workforces. Since 2004, Regate Effective has been helping versatile teams around the world perform their daily routine, and actively close the gap between the mobile users and the ERP systems that are traditionally available inside the company’s premises.


Sales Force Automation and Mobile Sales

Regate Effective provides a set of tools both for the mobile teams as well as the management teams. Mobile teams (salesforce, merchandizers, field technicians, van drivers, etc) can work either with an Android or Windows Mobile smartphone or tablet. Management teams can have live access to the data collected by the mobile teams, either online via a web interface or offline on a local client to their mobile device. As a result, management can use Regate Effective in any device, including iPads and other proprietary operating systems.

HTML5 capabilities allow the system to be virtually executed from any device with a compatible internet browser.


Mobile CRM and Field Sales

Regate Effective drastically automates the everyday business tasks of sales and accounting departments, including order processing, contact management, van invoicing, information sharing, inventory monitoring and control, order tracking, customer management, collections, merchandizing, sales forecast analysis and salesman performance evaluation.

Ultimately Regate Effective is the tool to be trusted by end customers, partners and below-the-line marketing agencies, in order to automate tasks and provide better customer experience and lower costs.


Field Service

Regate Effective Field Service is an integrated hardware and software solution for managing Technical Support teams (field service employees). With Regate Field Service, your technicians are equipped with a handheld PDA and a portable printer to effectively manage all technical support operations at the customer site (on-site support activities).


Mobile Field Service

Regate Effective Field Service is addressed to companies that technical support is one of the high priorities. Regate Effective Field Service can be installed in any company that provides technical support services, with a focus on optimizing customer service and need better organization of their technical department. Such companies operate in various sectors of commerce, industry and services (machines, cooling-heating-ventilation-air conditioning, professional appliances, etc.).


Network Operators – Telco Solutions

Regate is a technology provider offering cloud-based mobile applications as services to telecommunication companies (MNOs, MVNOs). We focus in sales force, merchandising and field service automation mobile and we deliver complete end-to-end white label mobility solutions, that can be adapted to any telco needs, in order to address their business customers.


White Label Mobile Field Sales

The benefit of using Regate’s platform to provide Mobile CRM, Mobile Sales and Field Service functionality to business customers is that it increases the ARPU, helps cross-selling of mobile devices (tablets, smartphones, etc) and helps customer retention since it is a customized application for each vertical.


Enterprise Mobility Trends for Telcos

Worldwide, the trend by the network carriers is to provide a set of services on top of data and voice. These services are usually provided through 12-month contracts and monthly subscriptions that include both the use of the service and the GPRS/3G data plan. Providing SFA as a service through your network will provide you a number of advantages:

  • It will help you differentiate in your market, and be the first to deploy such a solution.
  • It will help you access clients that are traditionally affiliated to your competition for data and voice. Providing these clients with a SIM that includes the cloud SFA application and the data to work with it, is actually a back-door to this client mainly because your competition does not offer this product.
  • It will help your client retention. Due to the nature of the SFA system, it needs to be integrated with your customer’s ERP and their mobile users (i.e. sales people) need to be trained. This requires some resources to be provided by your customer, and past experience has shown that these customers are reluctant to change to another SFA system when their contract ends, or when your competition presents such a product.
  • It will increase data plan sales and smartphone device sales.