Cloud Pricing

Regate Effective Enterprise is available for SaaS installations on a cloud server. The licensing involves two different costs, the server license and the client licenses.

SERVER Administration Suite RE-100001 500 €
Contact Management RE-100002 500 €
ERP Connection RE-100003 500 €
Barcode Support RE-100004 200 €
Mailing Support RE-100005 300 €
Β2Β Module RE-100006 1.500 €
Multiple Languages RE-100007 500 € per language

Client Licenses

In addition to the Server Installation, the End Customer may obtain the following subsystems, in order to cover particular business needs. Each module covers a range of functionality, and the price refers to one user, for one month. As an example, to support Planning and Sales activities, the cost per user per month is calculated at 7+7 = 14 €

PLANNING Scheduling – Visit Plan RE-200001 7
Routing RE-200002
Pricelists RE-200003
Messaging RE-200004
User Targets RE-200005
Sales Quota – Product Allocation RE-200006
Assortment RE-200007
Marketing Actions RE-200008
SALES Sales Activities RE-300001 7
Commercial Policy RE-300002
Pricing Policy RE-300003
Photo Catalogue RE-300004
Ledger, Balances RE-300005
Smart Ordering RE-300006
Ageing RE-300007
FIELD MARKETING Base Merchandising (3 scenarios) RE-400001 5
Photo camera RE-400002
Surveys RE-400003
Sell Out Activities RE-400004
Advanced Merchandising RE-400005
VAN SALES Invoicing RE-500001 3
Stock Management RE-500002
FIELD SERVICE Task Management RE-600001 3
Parts Handling RE-600002
Task Printing RE-600003
Asset Management RE-600004
MOBILE PAYMENTS Cash & Wallet RE-700001 6
Receipt Printout RE-700002
Credit Card Payments RE-700003
SUPERVISION GPS – Map Application RE-800001 5
Daily Report RE-800002
Email Updates RE-800003
Expenses RE-800004
Warehouse Monitoring RE-800005
REPORTING Base Reports RE-900001 7
Customer Drill Down RE-900002
Dynamic Reporting RE-900003


  • The above prices do not include VAT or other taxes applicable.
  • The above-mentioned prices do not include setup services, application customization based on specific requirements of each End Customer.
  • The above-mentioned prices do not include the training of end users for the use of the Regate Effective Application.