• Marketing and maintenance of industrial equipment
  • > 15,000 facilities (machinery and equipment)
  • > 4,000 customers
  • 7 technical support stations throughout Greece
  • 30 Field Technicians


  • Computerization of handwritten technical department procedures
  • Acceleration of the cycle of the task assignment in pricing
  • Reduction of errors in the registration of the visits data
  • Reduction of administrative support costs of technicians
  • Full and immediate information of the technicians about the record of the engines and customers


 REGATE SA implemented an integrated software solution and Regate Effective Field Service equipment for the management of technical support in the field. The system functions are summarized as follows:

  • Check of customer requests at its head office (preventive maintenance, emergency repairs)
  • Assignment of tasks to the group technicians and time planning
  • Issue of Technical Support Report (TSR) pre-filled with the customer data
  • Update technicians in the field via PDAs for work program, machine history, customer card, etc.
  • Vehicle warehouse management
  • Declaration of parts via barcode scanning
  • Send data to base, e.g. new sales opportunities
  • Print TSR via portable printer
  • Automatic updating of ERP with all elements of the current work
  • Export statistics, e.g. number of jobs per technician, turnover per technician, visits repeatability per technician, avg response time per technician, avg stay in the field, etc.


  • Decreased handwritten records, and therefore the errors and costs associated with the logistics of the technical department.
  • Improved scheduling of the work of the technical team.
  • Technicians now return less to the company headquarters.
  • With the same number of techniques, the company carries out more visits per day.
  • Technicians now have direct access to the necessary information (customer image, background operations, etc.)
  • Facilitated performance monitoring of each technician from the technical director.
  • The online information helps supervisors of the technicians to respond immediately to any problems – the inspection is no longer outturn but to daily basis.
  • Increased the rate the invoices, so the company’s fluidity was strengthened.
  • The direct feedback from the customer site helped increase sales through up-selling.
  • Improved customer satisfaction due to better organization of the technical department.
George Eginitis
Head of Service Devision

«Before the introduction of mobile application, our process was handwritten. The technician sees the PDA throughout the history of the facility and so goes more informed to the customer».

Gregory Topaloglou
Logistics Director and
Administrative Services

«Errors and administrative support costs are reduced. The scheduling of the visits is being done optimally. With the same number of techniques, we make more visits per day. At any time, the technical director knows who each technician is and what job he performs.».

Elianne Nikoyianni
Financial Analyst

«We have noticed a large increase in the rate pricings being made on parts and work. This is very important for the liquidity of the company»

Filippe Sfiris
Marketing Manager

«The main benefit is the customer satisfaction. Because when the technician is in possession of all the information they need, when and wherever needed, does more correctly his job without delays and errors. Thus he offers more quality service».